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Welcome to Crwn Fantasy Football!  
Crown is where the best fantasy football players come to play.  We specialize in dynasty leagues.  We will provide the most competitive, interactive fantasy football site on the web with the best customer service and satisfaction.

We currently offer three types of leagues:  12 team dynasty, 16 team dynasty
(full for 2012), and our unique 12 Team Salary Cap Auction Dynasty League.  


12 Team 
Dynasty League Prizes
(prize money will be paid via Paypal or by Money Order with delievery confirmation for winners over $150.00)
League Champion $650
Runner Up $100.00
High Score of the Week (Weeks 1-13) $10.00

Division Winners $20.00 
League Fee $100.00 Annually



   As of August 7, 2012 all of our 2012 leagues are full.  Please check in for updates

Welcome to Crown Fantasy Football.
Crown is where the best fantasy football owners come to play. 
 We specialize in Dynasty Leagues.  Additionally, we offer a unique Salary Cap Dynasty league experience that is unmatched on the web.  We will provide the best customer service and satisfaction on the web. 

Existing Leagues Renewal 

Crown 6 May Draft   

League Descriptions 

What is a dynasty league? 

Dynasty leagues aren't for "casual" fantasy football owners.  Any owner can catch lightning in a bottle and win a league title.  Dynasty leagues challenge owners to build teams that can compete for several years.  Do you see a potential game changing player in the rookie draft?  Is your star running back about to break down, lose value, and productivity?  You will face these questions and more in our highly competitive dynasty leagues.  The league starts with a dynasty draft.  Next you keep your team competitive for the season by working the waiver wires.  In the off-season you can keep your entire roster, but you may have to make cuts for the Rookie/Free Agent draft in May.  Can you capture the Crown and keep it for years to come? 

What is a Salary Cap Dynasty Auction League?

The Salary Cap Dynasty Auction League takes it to another level!  Everything starts with an intense auction to build your team under the $100 cap.  You can give your newly acquired players contracts up to 4 years in length.  Beware though, contracts increase in increment over time and cutting a player still has a percentage of his salary counting against your $100 cap.  After you guide your team through the initial season, you don't get a long break...assign the franchise tag, give your young players restricted free agent tenders, bid against other teams on free agents, and keep your team competitive for the next decade with the rookie draft.  For more information on the Salary Cap League see the Salary Cap page.  Are you ready?  

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